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Steady CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS was launched


For the security surveillance industry, the clarity of the image and the stability of the system are undoubtedly the most critical, and people often care about the protagonist - the camera. But ignore the supporting role - power. The power supply is to provide a stable working power and effective lightning protection for the front-end equipment. A good camera is important. Choosing a good power supply is not to be neglected. With the development of the security industry, the camera's image is becoming more and more clear. The power supply is also not up to the date. Dongguan Xiaoerduo Electronics Co.LTD, in line with the promotion of industry development, not innovation In principle, after two years of research and development, CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS 12V10A was launched. Its product tenet is to continuously strive to standardize the construction of the industry.

CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS 12V10A12vdc Power Supply with UPS for surveillance camera systems. Cctv Power Supply 12v 10a With battery 12V7AH for emergency power use.12v Backup Power Supply with Circuit Short Protection,High Voltage Protection,Over Current protection and UPS function.


1. Protection Measure

>>General Protection: each output has individual PTC fuse and LED indicator, when problem occurs,only affect the individual output, other outputs still working.

>>Circuit Short Protection: when short condition occurs, individual PTC fuse will open the circuit,when condition removed, PTC fuse will automatically back to close.

>>High Voltage Protection: when high voltage occurs,the surge protection will be hit through to protect the connected device.

>>Over Current protection: when over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status, when condition removed, 
then switch back to normal.

2. UPS Function
>>when normal condition,PS will provide volatege and charge for battery automatically,charging voltage will be 13.0-13.6V DC.
>>when power cutting condition,battery will provide voltage automatically,Uninterruptedly Power range will be 40nS.when battery voltage is less 10.5V,

no provide power for the load, in order to protect battery life.

Technical parameters

STD Series CCTV Power Supply Unit with UPS Specifications
MODEL STD-40T-120-9-B STD-40T-120-9-UPS STD-40T-250-18-UPS STD-40T-350-18-UPS
OUTPUT Output voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V
Channel of output 9CH 9CH 18CH 18CH
Output current 1.1A*9 1.1A*9 1.15A*18 1.5A*18
Output currentrange 0~1.25A*4 0~1.1A*9 0~1.15A*18 0~1.5A*18
DC power 120W 120W 250W 350W
Voltage adj.range ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Ripple and noise 120mVp-p 120mVp-p 120mVp-p 120mVp-p
Line Regulation ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Load stability ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Efficiency Efficiency 85% 85% 85% 85%
INPUT AC voltage range AC100-240V AC Switch 50/60Hz:
Leakage Current <1mA/240VAC
Protection Overload protection 105%-200%
T.C. ±0.03%(0-50)
Start.Rise.Hold time 200ms,100ms,20ms
Mechanical Shock 10-500Hz,2G 10min/1 Period,Time 60min
Insulation Strength I&O:3KVAC,I&C:1.5KVAC I&C:0.5KVAC
Insolation resistance I&O,I&C: O&C,500V DC/100M
Environment WorkingTemperature -10--40, 20%-90% RH

Store Temperature -20--85, 10%-95% RH

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